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  • Telescoping Pond Net

    Manufacturer: TetraPond

    Use to retrieve fish or remove leaves and debris. 14" diameter ring x 16" deep net with telescoping handle that extends up to five feet.

  • Pond Plant Food Tablets

    Manufacturer: API | Mars Fishcare

    Provide essential nutrients and trace elements needed by pond plants to ensure non-stop blooming. 

  • Microbe Lift Broad Spectrum Fish Treatment

    Manufacturer: Ecological Laboratories Inc.

    Use for diseases caused by Ichthyophthirius (Ich), Chilodonella, Costia, Oodinium, Trichodina, fungal & fungus infections
    Formulated with Malachite Green & Formalin

  • Betta Bow 2.5

    Manufacturer: Aqueon

    Now you can fit a beautiful aquarium into any home and decor with the Mini Bow Desktop Aquarum Kit. The Mini Bow 2.5 is small enough for a desk, bedside table, or countertop and comes with all components needed for a healthy aquarium environment.

  • Marina Betta Kit

    Manufacturer: Hagen Pet Products - duplicate

    Marina Betta Kits provide a cool and trendy way to showcase your betta. Each kit includes all the basic equipment and is perfect for first-time betta keepers. 


    Available in a variety of designs


  • Pro Sponge Filter

    Manufacturer: Deep Blue Professional

    ProSponge System 10 BioFilter Deep Blue ProSponge BioFilters are the new standard for air-driven biological and mechanical filtration in professional aquarium applications.  

  • Bio-Chem Zorb 10 Cartridge

    Manufacturer: API | Mars Fishcare

    The exclusive research grade resin-carbon blend in CRYSTAL BIO-CHEM ZORB cartridge removes compounds that carbon alone cannot remove. CRYSTAL BIO-CHEM ZORB makes water 3x clearer than competitive filters.

  • Quiet FLow Filter Cartridges

    Manufacturer: Aqueon

    Aqueon Power Filters and cartridges were designed with the fish and the aquarist in mind. Our patented designs include unique features to enhance water quality and clarity, increase oxygen levels and lessen noise

  • Jungle Fungus Clear

    Manufacturer: Jumpions

    Safely clears fungus and bacteria-related conditions fast. No need to raise the water temperature. 

  • Hold Fast Epoxy

    Manufacturer: Instant Ocean

    he HoldFast® Epoxy Stick has superior bonding ability that allows you to create steps, caves, cliffs, and walls for aquarium animals to enjoy. It bonds all types of materials from rocks, to corals, to slate, and many more. HoldFast Epoxy Stick is non-toxic to fish and invertebrates and is great for use in freshwater or saltwater.

  • FD Spirulina Brine Shrimp Food

    Manufacturer: Hikari

    Great For All Types Of Freshwater & Marine Fishes—Turtles & Frogs Too!

  • Seaweed Extreme

    Manufacturer: Hikari

    Seaweed rich sinking wafers & pellets ideal for marine herbivores


  • Marine A

    Manufacturer: Hikari

    A complete and balanced combination of necessary nutrients including DHA & EPA which help reduce stress associated with life in an enclosed marine environment while promoting proper growth and development.

  • Marine S

    Manufacturer: Hikari

    Marine -S-™ provides smaller marine fishes with exacting nutrition while promoting superior form and coloration. For fish that look like they just came off the reef, feed Hikari Marine -S-™!

  • 5 in 1 Test Strips

    Manufacturer: API | Mars Fishcare

    Measures pH, Nitrite, Nitrate, Carbonate & General Hardness

  • Solar Flare LED

    Manufacturer: Deep Blue Professional

    Deep Blue Professional SolarFlare Clamp on LED gooseneck Light clamps on to any framed or rimless aquarium

  • Nutri SeaWater

    Manufacturer: World Dryer

    100% Natural LIVE Ocean Saltwater

  • Brackish Salt

    Manufacturer: Seachem

    Seachem’s Brackish Salt™ is a chemically sound blend of salts designed to replicate the native environment of live bearers and other brackish estuary fish without adversely impacting aquatic plants when used at regionally specific recommended dosage. The salt is also well suited for routine aquarium freshwater use. It does not impact pH or provide buffering.

  • StressGuard

    Manufacturer: Seachem

    StressGuard™ is the premium slime coat protection product. 

  • Flourish Tabs

    Manufacturer: Seachem

    Flourish Tabs™ are growth stimulating tablets for plant roots. 

  • Flourish Potassium

    Manufacturer: Seachem

    Flourish Potassium™ contains 50,000 mg/L of potassium suitable for the natural planted aquarium.

  • Flourish Phosphorus

    Manufacturer: Seachem

    Phosphorus is one of the main three macro nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium: NPK) required by plants and can often become the limiting factor to growth in a flourishing system.

  • Flourish Glue

    Manufacturer: Seachem

    Flourish Glue™ is a superior cyanoacrylate gel for attaching moss and plants to rocks, driftwood, and even gravel. It’s uniquely useful when planting bunch plants. 

  • Flourish Advance

    Manufacturer: Seachem

    Flourish Advance™ is an all-natural, biologic growth enhancer for aquatic plants. Its advanced formula contains phytohormones, minerals, and nutrients that dramatically stimulate the growth of both roots and shoots in aquatic plants.