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  • Jellyfish

    With realistic life-like action Aquatop’s new Jellyfish move with the flow of the water. The vibrant colors give off a glowing affect when lit from any aquarium light. An adjustable suction cup anchor mount makes mounting and placement easy. Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

  • Ceramic Betta Log

    Manufacturer: Zoo Med Laboratories (old)

    Sinking ceramic log provides shelter for sleeping or hiding. Providing shelter can help reduce stress in your fish. Safe and Naturalistic looking!

  • Floating Betta Log

    Manufacturer: Zoo Med Laboratories (old)

    A natural looking floating log for your pet Betta to sleep, play, breed, feed, or blow a bubblenest in.

  • Betta Bunk

    Manufacturer: Deep Blue Professional

    The perfect snoozing spot for Bettas!  Mount just under the water's surface of any flat-sided Betta bowl or tank to provide your betta with a comfy napping location. Plastic plant leaf with sturdy suction cup mount