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  • Aquavitro Calcification

    Manufacturer: Seachem

    concentrated (140,000 mg/L) optimized blend of ionic and bioavailable gluconate-complexed calcium

  • Triton Pump

    Manufacturer: Deep Blue Professional

    Deep Blue Professional Triton Series Pumps

  • Bio-Pin Balls

    Manufacturer: Lee's Aquarium & Pet Products

    State of the art filter media for use in fresh and salt water wet/dry systems. They may be connected together or randomly placed in the filter box. Bio-Pin Balls help produce turbulence, aiding in the gas-exchange process.

  • Acurel Filter Floss

    Filter fiber

  • pH Test Strips

    Manufacturer: Mars Fishcare

    Monitors pH to maintain healthy freshwater conditions

  • LCD Thermometer

    Manufacturer: Deep Blue Professional

    High Performance Digital LCD (Stick-on) Accurate, safe, & easy to read.

  • Color Bits

    Manufacturer: Tetra

    TetraColor Tropical Granules are designed for larger fish such as discus and angelfish. 

  • Aquatop Submersible Heater

    These heaters are simple, reliable and cost effective.

  • Elive AquaDuo Cartridge

    Aqua-Duo Filter Cartridges help keep water clear and fish healthy.

  • Elive Betta Cube

    A single betta fish aquarium featuring customizable background.

  • Elive Betta Bubble

    A single betta fish aquarium featuring customizable background.

  • Betta Bowl

    Manufacturer: Aqueon

    The Betta Bowl Aquarium Kit is the perfect tank for children and parents alike.  This 1/2 gallon starter aquarium kit takes up little space, so it is ideal for any room and decor. 

  • LED Aquarium Cube Kit

    Manufacturer: Tetra

    Clear, plastic tank provides a beautiful view of your underwater environment and is virtually unbreakable.  Holds 1.5 gallons.

  • Bettamin Crisps

    Manufacturer: Tetra

    Tetra Bettamin crisps

  • Tetramin Tropical Granules

    Manufacturer: Tetra

    These small, slow-sinking granules are designed to reach the smaller fish in your community aquarium with the same nutritious benefits as TetraMin® flakes. TetraMin® Granules are enriched with vitamin C. Also great for Bettas.

  • Bettamin Flakes

    Manufacturer: Tetra

    Nutritionally balanced, color-promoting food for Siamese fighting fish (Betta Splendens). This specialized combination of small, thin red flakes and freeze dried brine shrimp is formulated to maximize acceptance and intake. Blended with patented ProCare for optimal health.

  • Ceramic Betta Log

    Manufacturer: Zoo Med Laboratories (old)

    Sinking ceramic log provides shelter for sleeping or hiding. Providing shelter can help reduce stress in your fish. Safe and Naturalistic looking!

  • Floating Betta Log

    Manufacturer: Zoo Med Laboratories (old)

    A natural looking floating log for your pet Betta to sleep, play, breed, feed, or blow a bubblenest in.

  • Betta Dial-A-Treat

    Manufacturer: Zoo Med Laboratories (old)

    Includes three nutritious treats that Bettas love: Mysis, Daphnia and Blood Worms.

  • Floating Betta Exercise Mirror

    Manufacturer: Zoo Med Laboratories (old)

    Small mirror suspended with a floating ball.

  • Betta Therm Mini Betta Bowl Heater

    Manufacturer: Zoo Med Laboratories (old)

    Mini Size Betta Bowl Heater!

  • Betta Bunk

    Manufacturer: Deep Blue Professional

    The perfect snoozing spot for Bettas!  Mount just under the water's surface of any flat-sided Betta bowl or tank to provide your betta with a comfy napping location. Plastic plant leaf with sturdy suction cup mount

  • Air Stone Disk

    Manufacturer: Deep Blue Professional

    Highly porous long lasting air diffuser provides even aeration.

  • Check Valve

    Manufacturer: Deep Blue Professional

    High Performance Inline Air Check Valve Prevents sudden backflow and siphoning. Helps protect pump and precious livestock.