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  • Tropical Carnival Play Barn With Hay

    Manufacturer: F.M. Brown's

    Brown’s® Tropical Carnival® Play Barn with Hay is a fun place for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils and other small animals to nest, play, eat and sleep. 

  • Hay House

    Manufacturer: Ware Mfg. Inc. Pet Supplies

    Hay House is a safe chewable hideout for small
    pets. Made from a tasty combination of hay and a
    crunchy cellulose core, Hay House is the perfect
    place for pets to climb, chew, crawl, and crunch.

  • Twig Tunnel

    Manufacturer: Ware Mfg. Inc. Pet Supplies

    The all new Twig Tunnels for small pets are made
    from a renewable resource. These handwoven willow
    hideouts provide the perfect spot for napping and
    nibbling. It is a wholesome chew source for
    critters that gnaw.  Available in two sizes


  • Nature Hut

    Our Nature Huts are all natural, chewable hideouts
    for small pets. . Available in 3 sizes.

  • Grassy Tee Pee

    Manufacturer: Ware Mfg. Inc. Pet Supplies

    Grassy Tee-Pee is the perfect private place for
    nesting and resting. Handwoven of natural grasses,
    it is safe to chew and provides a cozy critter
    hide-out for small pets. Available in two sizes

  • Tube O Hay

    Manufacturer: Kaytee

    KAYTEE® Tube ‘O Hay treats start with timothy hay, an excellent source of the natural fiber small animals need for proper digestive health. 

  • Hang-N-Tunnel

    Manufacturer: Ware Mfg. Inc. Pet Supplies

    Crinkle Hang-N-Tunnel fits inside any cage
    and features nylon straps with clips for easy
    attachment. This cozy animal print bed has a
    crinkle sound inside that critters love.
    The Crinkle Hang-N-Tunnel provides small pets
    with fun place to play. Foam free, washable

  • Ferret Banana Hammock

    Manufacturer: Marshall Pets

    Marshall Pet Products introduces the Banana Hammock for ferrets. It’s the perfect companion piece to last year’s Hangin’ Monkey. This soft fleece accessory is the perfect hangout for ferrets. Clips easily to most cages and can hold more than one ferret at a time. 

  • Ferret Alligator Hide-N-Sleep

    Manufacturer: Marshall Pets

    Here’s an alligator that won’t scare your ferrets. In fact they’ll be fast friends. Made of plush, cozy fabric – great for snoozing in. Washable.

  • Ferret Pirate Ship

    Manufacturer: Marshall Pets

    Arrgh the pirate theme is alive and well with the Pirate Ship made just for ferrets. It has several ins and outs for quick escapes and it even has it’s own distinctive flag. Can be used inside or outside of cage.

  • Ferret Super Thru Way Tunnel

    Manufacturer: Marshall Pets

    Watch your ferrets have hours of  fun tunneling through 20 feet of expandable, clear tubing. Excellent interactive toy!

  • Ferret Turtle Tunnel

    Manufacturer: Marshall Pets

    Here's a turtle that won't slow down your ferrets! It provides just the right spaces for a great ferret chase or the perfect spot of a game of hide and seek. And when the ferrets are tired out they can rest inside or on top of the shell. Great for multiple ferrets and easy to clean!