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  • Small Animal Jogging Vest

    Manufacturer: Ware Mfg. Inc. Pet Supplies

    Sporty Jogging Vest is a safe and comfy harness
    and leash for small pets. It is made of durable,
    high quality nylon and is washable and colorfast.
    The Velcro and clip design makes it "EZ" on and
    "EZ" off. 

  • Ferret Collar

    Manufacturer: Marshall Pets

    Bell collars protect your ferrets when they are out of your watchful eye. The bell allows you to hear where your little fuzzy is, even if you can’t see him. This must-have item is fully adjustable and comes with quick-snap buckles.

  • Ferret Harness And Lead

    Manufacturer: Marshall Pets

    Take your little cuties for a walk! The #1 selling harness and lead combo for ferrets. These escape-proof leads are fully adjustable to fit all sizes and come with quick-snap buckles for easy on/off. Lead is 48” long and comes in matching color.

  • Exotic Nutrition Sugar Glider Harness & Lead

    Used as both a harness and a leash. Keeps your sugar glider within arms length. Attaches to your shirt with a clip (included).