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  • Poof! Chinchilla Dust

    Manufacturer: Oxbow Animal Health


  • Chinchilla Dust Bath

    Manufacturer: Ware Mfg. Inc. Pet Supplies

    Enclosed bath supports healthy instinctive bathing
    behavior for chinchillas while neatly containing
    bath dust. Includes a FREE sample of natural
    bath powder.

  • Critter Bath Powder

    Manufacturer: Kaytee
    Featured Product

    Critter Bath Powder is made from a 100% natural volcanic mountain pumice in a fine dust grade to help keep your critters clean and cuddly.  Ideal for dwarf hamsters, gerbils and chinchillas who love to take dust baths.  Designed for use with our Small Critter Ceramic Bath House

  • Ceramic Critter Bath

    Manufacturer: Kaytee

    Critter Bath Powder is made from a 100% natural volcanic mountain pumice in a fine dust grade to help keep your critters clean and cuddly. 

  • Waterless Bath For Ferrets And Small Animals

    Manufacturer: Natural Chemistry

    Waterless Bath Ferret Small Animal is formulated using naturally based SMARTZyme™ technology and botanicals. It is the perfect cleaning solution in between your pet's baths. Spray your pet's coat and give it that just washed shine and fresh, clean smell. Also contains Aloe Vera which allows your pet's coat to feel silky and tangle free. This formulation is non-masking and removes odors at their source and no rinsing is necessary.

  • Grooming Kit

    Manufacturer: Ware Mfg. Inc. Pet Supplies

    Groom-N-Kit contains the perfect selection of
    necessary grooming tools for small pets at an
    affordable price. Includes: pin brush to reduce
    shedding, bristle brush to make fur shine, nail
    clipper, and a tasty treat to provide the perfect
    diversion during grooming.

  • Lava Star

    Manufacturer: Ware Mfg. Inc. Pet Supplies

    Lava Star is a lasting natural lava stone chew
    for chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, pet rats,
    and other small animals. Natural pumice is rich
    in minerals and keeps teeth trimmed and healthy.
    Hangs anywhere in cage on a natural cotton rope.

  • Blue Cloud Chinchilla Dust

    Manufacturer: Vitakraft/Sunseed

    A premium quality natural dust that encourages natural grooming behavior in chinchillas and degus, cleaning their skin of excess dirt and oils.  Blue Cloud is mined sustainably in the USA and is completely natural -- no chemicals, colorants or extenders are added during processing.

  • 8in1 Ferretsheen Deodorizing Shampoo

    Microencapsulated enzymes clean and eliminate strong ferret odors. Deodorizes without drying skin or coat. Gentle aloe vera and rich jojoba oil leave ferret's coat shiny and healthy. Cucumber melon scent.

  • 8in1 Ferretsheen Deodorizing Spray

    Deodorizers and conditioners eliminate tough ferret odors while leaving coat healthy and shiny. Helps relieve dry, flaky skin. Cucumber melon scent. Perfect for in-between baths.

  • Ferret Ear Cleaner

    Manufacturer: Marshall Pets

    Cleans ears gently without the use of swabs. This solution contains eucalyptol which promotes healthy ear tissue while eliminating wax and dirt. Use regularly.

  • Tea Tree Ferret Shampoo

    Manufacturer: Marshall Pets

    Marshall Ferret Tea Tree Shampoo is specially pH balanced for ferrets with the gentlest natural cleaning system available.  Tea Tree oil has been known to help treat and prevent flea and tick problems.