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  • Hay & Food Bin Feeder

    Manufacturer: Superpet
    Provide your small pet with a clean supply of both food and hay using the Super Pet Hay & Food Feeder. This combo feeder has a compartment for hay and a seperate compartment for food. The Feeder can be hung securely anywhere in your pet's cage using the included caribeaner clips. This keeps your pet's food and hay fresh and clean by keeping it off the floor
  • Cool Crock

    Manufacturer: Superpet

    Cool Crock, the ultimate value priced food bowl.  Made of durable plastic that is EZ to clean.  

  • Best Buy Bowl

    Manufacturer: Ware Mfg. Inc. Pet Supplies

    Our Best Buy Bowls are made of sturdy plastic and
    come in a variety of fun colors to coordinate with
    our cages. They are stain resistant and dishwasher
    safe, making them easy to clean. Best of all, they
    are a terrific value

  • Slide N Lock Pet Crock

    Manufacturer: Ware Mfg. Inc. Pet Supplies

    Our Slide-N-Lock Pet Crocks feature a low profile
    to give pets easy access to food and water. They
    are made of chew resistant, heavy duty plastic and
    are easy to attach to any cage (just slide and
    lock) and easy to clean. The Slide-N-Lock Crock
    elimates spills and wasted food.

  • Snap N Fit Food Bowl

    Manufacturer: Marshall Pets

    Our Snap ‘N Fit Ferret and Small Animal Food Bowl has a no-spill collar to help keep food and water in the bowl and not on the floor.