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  • Universal Clips

    Manufacturer: Penn-Plax

    Universal Clips

  • Perch Cups

    Manufacturer: Prevue Pet

    Hook hangers on cup backs. Available in 2oz, 4oz, and 6oz

  • Bird Water Bottle

    Manufacturer: Kordon

    Bird Bottles are rigid (formed using breakage-resistant rigid styrene plastic), and hold water well. Complete with color coordinating caps, stainless steel drinking tub containing two stainless steel balls, and mounting bracket. 

  • Coop Cups

    Bolt hangars attach securely to any wire cage. Removes easily with a twist of a wingnut. Durable and easy to clean.
  • Millet Holder

    Manufacturer: JW Pet Products

    JW Millet Spray Holder makes offering millet to your pet bird effortless. Designed for your feathered friend's well-being, the plastic holder attaches easily to the cage. JW Millet Spray Holder can be placed inside of the Insight Treat Stick Holder to stimulate natural foraging instincts.

  • Clean Cup Feeder/Waterer

    Manufacturer: JW Pet Products

    JW Clean Cup Feed & Water Cup is easy to remove and refill for your pet bird. Clear plastic guard keeps debris inside cage, and doesn't block visibility so that your pet bird feels comfortable placing its head inside. This easy-to-clean bird accessory fits all bird cages, including vertical and horizontal bars.

  • Silo Waterer

    Manufacturer: JW Pet Products

    JW Clean Water Silo Waterer is specially designed for your bird's well-being. Clean Water Silo Bird Waterer with its no-spill valve means no more water spills when removing waterer for filling! Plus, This waterer is designed to fit all bird cages with vertical and horizontal bars. Choose from an assortment of color options

  • Silo Feeder

    Manufacturer: JW Pet Products

    JW Silo Feeder dramatically reduces seed spill outside the cage for your pet bird. This easy-to-clean bird feeder can be filled from outside of the cage. Plus, it fits all bird cages, including vertical and horizontal bars. No more buildup of empty seed husks on top of uneaten seeds. Stops seed contamination from bird droppings

  • Cuttlebone Holder

    Manufacturer: JW Pet Products
    Featured Product

    JW Cuttlebone Holder is the first of its kind to meet your pet bird's needs. No more difficult wires. The plastic bolt on holder can be used easily on vertical or horizontal barred cages for your pet bird. Your feathered friend will love this moveable perch as it moves up or down for easy access to the cuttlebone