How To Control Unwanted Pond Snails?

Every aquarium enthusiast has at some point had to deal with pond snails. Initially, when you see a snail in your tank, you think it’s pretty cool. However, pond snails tend to grow and reproduce at a rapid rate taking over your aquarium and the life within it. This unwanted invasion of pond snails can cause a handful of problems including consuming all plant life and creating a dirty water environment. To learn how to control unwanted pond snails, follow the steps highlighted in this article.

Pond snails can be a great addition to your ponds ecosystem if controlled and monitored properly. In general, many people use pond snails to help control algae. However, the notion that snails have a significant impact on improving the health of your aquarium or pond is entirely incorrect. Yes, ponds snails can eat algae and organic debris, but they won’t help with green water or pond sludge. In fact, pond snails can make the algae problem in your tank worse as they will mostly feed on the slime algae that helps prevent planktonic algae which means the sludge in your water will only increase over time. Therefore, the first step in getting rid of the pond snails in your aquarium is to cut off the food source for pond snails. If you find your pond snail population starting to grow, it likely means you have been overfeeding your fish. Ponds snails love to eat leftover fish food over anything else. Make sure there is no leftover fish food in your tank by reducing the amount of food you feed your fish daily. This will reduce the amount of uneaten fish food left on the bottom of the fish tank for pond snails to feed on. The results will have a huge impact on controlling the pond snail population. The next step is to introduce predators into the environment. Predators are natural resources in getting rid of snails. Use predators instead of any chemicals to prevent any harm to your water. The natural way is always the best way to fix snail problems without any negative residual effects. Use a fish species that feeds on snails by choice such as loaches or puffers to eat the snails n your tank. Alternatively, if you prefer not to introduce a new species of fish, opt for assassin snails. Assassin snails, as their name implies will kill other small snail species in your tank. Assassin snails are highly effective and won’t become a problem in your tank as they reproduce sexually and only breed a few offspring at a time. The last tip to control snails in your pond is to trap them overnight using several pieces of lettuce. Place lettuce leaves on the surface of the pond and check them in the morning for snails that have gathered on the leaves and remove them. Repeat this process over and over again and you will see considerable results, but you will never get rid of every single one. To fully get rid of the snails, try applying a combination of all three methods described to eliminate the pond snail population entirely.

Don’t be alarmed if you see an unwanted snail in your tank. All you have to do is follow these steps, and you will stop the invasion before it can even begin. Start controlling your pond snail population today and create a healthier ecosystem for your aquarium.