Signs To See If Your Bird Is Sick

Part of your responsibilities as a bird owner is to take your bird to the vet when he’s sick. Sometimes it’s not always easy to diagnose its problems. Here are some things to look for to tell you your bird may be sick:

Eating less and losing weight rapidly
This is one of the severe signs of a problem. If you observe that your bird barely eats and seems much skinnier, take him to a vet immediately. This could mean that there are problems with his intestinal system.

Strange droppings
If your bird’s dropping are unusual color such as yellow or brown, or if they are extremely runny, your bird could have some serious complications.

Changes in behavior
If your bird is usually active and makes a lot of noises but suddenly is quiet and sullen, there could be something wrong. If you observe him doing this and feel something is wrong, bring your bird to the vet.

Open-mouth breathing
If your bird has been breathing heavily out of its mouth, it could be a very serious respiratory problem. Get it checked out immediately.

In general, just be proactive with looking after your bird’s health. While birds are sometimes hard to read, you should be able to tell when there’s a problem and know when to bring him to a vet.