Where Does Your (Water) Garden Grow?

Water gardens, or garden pools, are a popular addition to home landscapes that create a unique focal point for any yard. They bring the universally appealing sight and sound of water to your living space. Even in the most urban of settings, a water garden can provide a pleasing slice of what nature has to offer. They come in various sizes and shapes; from the simple half-barrel to more elaborate stone and cement designs, complete with fountains and statues. Once your water garden is finished, the entire family can enjoy the new addition of aquatic plant and animal life.

The first consideration in planning your water garden should be location. Things to think about are:

The Setting
What is the size of your property?  Will this just be a small component of a larger landscaping effort? If you don't have a lot of yard space and prefer to spend most of your time on the deck then a small, decorative container can add just the right feature to your outdoor space. In your yard, the contours of the landscape can go naturally with features like waterfalls and rocks.
The Sun
If possible, 6 to 8 hours of sunlight is preferred for most aquatic fish and plants. An additional benefit of a sunny location is the reduced accumulation of leaf debris from trees and tall shrubbery.

Safety Concerns
Keep in mind, that you also want to choose a spot that is practical (think small children) and best viewed from inside the house for both aesthetic and safety reasons. That way you can easily supervise children playing near the garden, and even watch out for predators seeking to make a meal of your new fish.

What's in the Ground?
Another consideration before choosing where you'd like to start digging is the location of any utility services or trees. Gas pipes and roots are not things you would want to encounter when digging.

The choice of location will have the largest effect on the size and cost of your water garden. Once you've decided where you'd like build, keep in mind that your local garden center is an excellent source of information and ideas. Stop in or call and we will be happy to help you with all of your water garden needs.