Making A Backyard Goldfish Pond

Ponds can be an excellent added element to your garden, but adding goldfish to it gives a whole other dimension. It will be nice to have the just the pond, but it’s also nice to see some wildlife in it. Here are some steps to take to build one of your very own:

Location, Location, Location
Just like when buying a property, location means everything. Pick a level area where the pond will look natural. Another important thing to consider is trees. If your pond is in an area close the where there is a leaf-bearing tree, you will be doing a lot of leaf-skimming in the fall. Try to avoid that if you can.

Decide what you want to line your pond with. Some things to consider are how much you want to spend and the quality of the pond. Common choices are bare, concrete, or PVC lining.

If you decide put fish in your pond, the size of your pond should be determined by the size of your fish. It is recommended that you should have five times more water than inches of fish. For example, if you have four two-inch gold fish, you should have a 40 gallon pond.

Caring for the fish
Never just throw the fish in the pond. They need to become acclimated before they are fully introduced. You will primarily need to feed the goldfish in the spring and fall when the water temperature is above 50 degrees. In the summer, they might need a little food, but they will also feed on the mosquitoes that come near and lay eggs in the pond. You will not need to feed in the winter when the fish are dormant.

More winter tips
You should always protect your goldfish from freezing temperatures. A little ice formation is okay, but solid ice prevents toxic gases from escaping. Consider installing an electric de-icer, or chip a hole in the surface of the ice periodically.

For more information on building a gold fish pond, talk to an expert at your local store today.